Hello, my name is Kirstyn Nyswonger and I am a visual storyteller. I graduated from Western Washington University in the spring of 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Journalism and a minor in Anthropology. My studies in Anthropology have inspired me to use videography, photography, design and writing to accurately depict the lives and cultures of the people around me.

While I love shooting photos and videos of anything and everything, I also enjoy creating new designs for many different platforms. When I'm not behind the lens or my computer, I can be found enjoying live music, traveling or outdoors where I derive most of my videography, photography and design inspiration. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to collaborate on a video or photography project, or have a need for innovative and clean design pieces. I look forward to meeting you.


Email: kirstynnyswonger@gmail.com

Location: Seattle, WA.



This was a video project that I created for a Digital Media course during winter of 2018. For this project I was working alone and did all of the videography, scripting and editing processes. This project really taught me how to be prepared to create a video start to finish alone if necessary and how to appreciate collaborating with a group.

This was a video project that I helped create for a Digital Media course during winter of 2018. For this project I collaborated with a group of two other students. We did equal amounts of work each taking part in the scripting, videography and editing processes. This video helped teach me how to work well in a group as well as take leadership roles when necessary to get certain tasks done.

This was a video project that I created for a Advanced Visual Journalism course during Spring of 2018. For this project I was working with a group a two other students where we each contributed equally in the scripting, videography, interview and post editing processes. This was our final capstone project for our degree.

A peek into the Bellingham art scene through the eyes of three of its key players. Christen Mattix, Francie Allen and Margot Myers all chose to make Bellingham their home as they push the edge of art in its many forms. This lifestyle pushes people to the edge, financially and otherwise. It can be a struggle at times, but it so worth it in the end. Watch the video to learn more about the challenges and rewards they experience by being part of the arts community in Bellingham, Washington.